Posted by: litehiker | August 5, 2008

Coast to Coast

Am off on 29 August to walk from Ravenglass to Lindisfarne. Part of the aim is to decide which gear is going to take me from Lands End to John o’Groats next year but it should be a good fortnight away. Here is the schedule:

and here’s a map of the route

The route is from a book by John Gillham.

Have got to get busy cooking the food I want and dehydrating it. I’ll send a resupply parcel to somewhere near the half way point.

I hope to blog each day, ‘phone signal permitting. My gear for this will be a Palm Tungsten E2 and a Sony Ericcson T610 (which I hope to have shortly from Ebay). I think the Palm has now been discontinued and, although the Palm web site gives a list of compatible Bluetooth ‘phones, they are all obsolete models. Still, if I can pick the ‘phone up cheaply then it’s worth trying.



  1. oooh!

    I love a good blogged walk! – It makes the trip so much more ‘immediate’ to the reader – fresher. It also means that the walker remembers it all as he is blogging it the same day as h walked it.

    Thoroughly looking forward to it Geoff.

  2. I look forward to following your progress once you set off.

    Looks like September’s will be the Coast to Coast Blogging month. We’re due to do ours (something along the lines of Wainwright’s in our case – but I’m leaving route planning to Mick on this one) in the last couple of weeks of September.

    I see that you’ve got Demesne Farm in Bellingham marked as one overnight stop. We stayed there on our LEJOG. Found Bellingham to be lacking in one important respect – none of the pubs opens until 7pm during the week!

  3. Good luck with the walk , it looks like a ripper.
    I would be interested in checking out a few of your ideas for dehydrated food, we do a bit but new ideas are always welcome.

    Will read the blog with interest.
    p.s. have you ever considered a feedburner email subscribe option???

  4. Geoff you have a great walk and that is the best route I recon for an English coast to coast. Looking forward to updates.

  5. keep away from those bogs Geoff

  6. Great route, I did similar hiking through the England recently. Magnificent!

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