Posted by: litehiker | July 22, 2008

Dartmoor – bloggers’ weekend

Well, I think it was a success. Good to meet up with faces, old and new. The rain could have been worse and at least it didn’t rain all the time. In fact, Saturday evening was so nice that I returned from the pub after only one pint to enjoy the view from the tent! Yes, tent. A last minute decision for me was not to take my tarp but, instead, my new Wild Country Sololite. It was good, easy and quick to put up and kept out the rain on Friday night. I probably won’t use it again now until the winter as the tarp will suit me me better for the summer months. 

A few minor bits of kit were bought on the way down in Bristol – an Exped Dry Bag (XXS) to keep dry bits of kit like ‘phone, GPS, Palm, car keys, etc. and two Source 2 litre water bottles.

Saturday was spent with John Hee on a circuit taking in Lints Tor and Fur Tor avoiding paths wherever possible and just following compass bearings across bogs and leaping across streams. No good having Goretex lined boots if they go in bogs over the tops! Still, it was a good day in good company.

Here are some photos.



  1. Ah found you

    Nice lay out…. is that title photograph of Ladram Bay, East Devon. It does look familiar. Anyway I am only just getting the hang of this blog thingy; I will get there in the end I am sure. i hope you enjoyed the moor. Right I must read you blog now that I have commented, I should have done that first I guess.

    Shamus (fb)

  2. Good to see you again, Geoff. I too enjoyed the weekend.

  3. Geoff, good to have got to know you on the Dartmoor meeting. Hope to see you again sometime.

  4. now how did i miss this post, unlike all those bogs

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