Posted by: litehiker | July 16, 2008

LEJOG schedule

I can’t really get my head round this. I know that I’m not due to set off until early April 2009 but the detail of it is not falling into place. As far as Cornwall is concerned, I had thought of just ploughing up the middle until I get to Devon. After all, I’ve walked the South West Coast Path before and, although I’ll do it again one day (as it, and the beer and pasties, were so good) but it’s so up and down and in and out. On the other hand, I might just be tempted to dip in and out of it.

The other thing that’s testing me is looking at the schedules of others who have done the walk. Their routes are all neatly planned in advance so that, at before they even start, they know where they are going to be at the end of the day on each date. I’m not sure that’s for me. I’m no novice at multi day hikes and what I’ve tended to do is, if the weather is good and I’m feeling fit, to go on until perhaps the light fades and then look for somewhere to spend the night (usually wild camping). It’s amazing how unfussy I can get about the quality of a pitch if it’s getting dark! On the other hand, if it’s raining, I might want to stop early. At the moment, I’m not necessarily intending to find a proper campsite at the end of each day, although I will take an exhaustive list of sites with me so that, at a given point, I’ll know where the nearest site is.

However, I’ll need a food parcel once a week so I’ll need to know where I’m likely to be each weekend. The route is largely planned in outline (apart, once again, from Inverness northwards). Northern Scotland is so vast and empty, I’m not sure that I want to spend days floundering around cussing my lack of navigation skills. Perhaps better to stick to an eastern route which isn’t so remote.



  1. Hi Geoff

    When I planned my walk I knew that I was inviting people along for day walks (or more in some instances) so I felt I needed to have a pretty accurate schedule as they would be booking holidays in some cases.

    When I do it again I won’t be doing it with such rigour! Having said that, there were times when I had a lot of flexibility and got quite a way ahead and had addititional days off to get back to the schedule. That felt really good!

    You also have to pencil in times when you don’t feel so good (I had a bad couple of days in NW Scotland) and you need ‘Plan B’s to cope with this in the wilder places.

    As for Scotland, the North West is absolutely amazing and was the highlight in terms of scenery of my walk. Try bunging in a bit of the Cape Wrath Trail – you’ll never forget it. By then your navigational skills will be finely honed!

    Good luck Geoff – I am really looking forward to hearing about it all!

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