Posted by: litehiker | July 14, 2008


Just got back from a weekend in Rutland – a birthday outing. Not walking but in the campervan on a delectable site at Whissendine, north west of Oakham – Greendale Farm – I can thoroughly recommend it. Just fifteen pitches and “adults only” (no, not what you’re thinking – what it means is no kids cavorting around disturbing the peace).

I didn’t get any walking done, although took the bike on a very pleasant 10 mile circuit. Nevertheless, Rutland appears to be a potentially good area for rural walking. I see that Andrew McCloy’s eastern LEJOG route passes through Oakham. However, I must get next year’s LEJOG done first and that won’t be taking me as far east.

What seems to be a compulsion for me is that whenever I’m out walking or on the bike, I cannot help looking to either side of the path or road for potential wild camping spots – very sad.



  1. It might be sad right now but it will hold you in good stead next year on your LEJOG.

    I reckon most of us are just as guilty!


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