Posted by: litehiker | April 16, 2008

Digital TGO

Well, after a little bit of bother and a couple of ‘phone calls, I’ve just received the May issue of TGO. Had I continued with my paper subscription, I’d have had it a couple of weeks ago. Still, I should have the June issue in a couple of weeks so that’s the upside I suppose. Well, how is digital? I’m impressed actually and although not everyone will necessarily get on with reading on screen I don’t have a problem with it and it means that future issues shouldn’t go walkabout around the house. My reason for going digital is because I don’t like throwing this type of magazine away and I have Trail going back to 1990 and TGO for the past couple of years. It’s all getting a bit too much and there is the occasional rumble of complaint from SWMBO. Among the magazines I scanned bits of and then disposed of a while ago were some issues of The Great Outdoors (TGO’s old name). It was a very different magazine then. Roger Smith would remember it well (he mentions “the old days” in the current TGO). The articles were very different and so were the people who wrote them; seemingly a very different generation. I recall one in particular where the thumbnail photo of the writer showed a middle aged chap in a woollen cardigan, shirt and tie. Of course, that may have been Roger Smith (if so, I apologise) but times have certainly changed and for the better.



  1. My own subscription has just run out and I was curious as to how the digital edition is presented – do you get mailed some form of pdf? I was just wondering if it is something you could read in the office and again when you’re at home. Just checked the website but they’re not giving much away – maybe I’ll read through the magazine again.

  2. It’s not pdf. In fact, it’s better. You can turn pages in a book-like way and move the page by holding down the mouse and dragging. You set up an account and can download the mag to your hard drive and/or read it on line. Yes, you can read it on any computer with internet access – work and home or anywhere else.

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