Posted by: litehiker | March 25, 2008

LEJOG training

I take the view that it’s never too early to start training for a really long hike even though, in this case, I’m not planning to leave until April next year. Between now and then, I’ll be getting out with a loaded pack. In the meantime, I’ve just started specific gym training. Now, I have to say that I’m not exactly a gym virgin. I’ve been going to one three to four times a week for over twenty years so it is something I genuinely enjoy doing. However, my trainer has started me on a regime which is aimed at me being able to do long days without being too exhausted. I mentioned to him the 35 miles a day done by Francis Tapon (site takes an age to load but it is worth it). Now, given that I think my longest ever has been 25 miles with a full pack, I don’t think I’ll get to 35 but I intend to train for more than I expect to actually do. I generally do a mixture of weights and cardiovascular. The new programme (most of which has me wearing a pack with, at the moment 6kg weights inside) includes using a contraption where I’m strapped either side of the waist by elasticated straps on pulleyed weights and do loads of runs and lunges forward and at the extreme jumping up and down on a step, rowing machine, a stepper and, on a treadmill (running machine) alternating 2-3 minutes (total about 16 minutes) uphill on a 15% gradient at 6kph and on a 1% gradient, jogging at 9kph. Now if all that’s not fun, I don’t know what is.


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