Posted by: litehiker | March 18, 2008


Just a short trip but a good one. I was out for a day and a night. Using OS Landranger 180, I set out from Lee Abbey on the coast just west of Lynton. The Valley of Rocks


was amazing as usual with mountain goats and wild ponies around. My walk took me along the coast path, around Woody Bay to Heddons Mouth. I came across an odd signpost which had to be worth a snap …


The path went inland. I left the coast path and went in to have a pint at Hunters Inn, a bit out of season with scaffolding around but the beer was good. I went south to Parracombe, over Challacombe Common to the B3358 and followed a path east just south of the hamlet of Challacombe. It was raining a bit by now and quite muddy. However, it wasn’t particularly cold. Clothing worn was basically waterproof overtrousers, a Golite windproof top and I used an umbrella for much of the time which was fine as it wasn’t windy. At GR718408 I headed north towards Saddle Gate. The path was a bit indistinct and the mist came down, but by following a compass bearing it wasn’t difficult to keep in the right direction. At Barbrook, just past Shallowford I filled up with water and a short distance off the farm road around GR714455 there were any number of good wild camping opportunities, one of which I took. I spent a very peaceful night although woke to rain at 6am. Still, this didn’t last and I set off at seven to head back to Lee Abbey. On the way I came across a strange notice at a river crossing …


An excellent outing.



  1. the sign refers to the tickling of trout, a old poaching method that my dad taught me years ago and i tried once,and it really works.i put the the fish back though

  2. cheers for the GR tip

  3. Mike – I knew about tickling – my grandfather used to do it. I’d never heard of “groping” in this context, though. It was an amusing sign to happen upon.

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